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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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commissioners that the police have taken this very seriously, and we should probably review all of the recommendations that they have issues with before we make a final judgment. >> the one issue i have -- first of all, it was hard for me to understand what your experience is in running a venue like this. >> she has a background in music. she was involved in her school in china, music and karaoke. here, she volunteered to help organize the carry a contest at the high school and worked very closely with the students there to put on that kind of event.
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she has been a schoolteacher. she worked with very young children. >> i am interested more focusing on management. >> she has never managed a karaoke place before. but she has done a lot of work in the karaoke -- >> that is my concern, the past history of this place. >> you can have a seat, i think. i would like to discuss this among the commissioners. the first objection is the police department, and closing time of 10:00 p.m.. after that, a review regarding the amount of police activity.
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i am inclined to favor this, but i would like to hear my fellow commissioners. >> i don't think the business can survive. young folks don't go out until 10:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. if we put that limit on her, she would not make it. in my opinion. >> the time they want to stay open? 2:00? and you favor 10:00? >> is there a compromise? >> i would go midnight. >> there is a paragraph -- there
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are two copies of the conditions. the second paragraph refers to the previous owner, they are asking not to enter into any business, i just have problems with that regarding the legality of it. i would personally put an x through that. >> you have an affidavit from the previous owners that they will not be involved? >> didn't carry alone? they don't carry anything? they have no connection to the business whatsoever? that has become part of the record, so if it is not true --
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>> recommendations 1 through 4 are acceptable. you're just asking to be specific, that is pretty easily handled. skipping down, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 all acceptable. no. 11, i would recommend leaving that in. 12 is acceptable. here is where we began to get into micromanaging the business. i would like to hear input from my fellow commissioners, creating a monthly report explaining how all complaints were handled and making that report available to the neighbors that want to do business? >> i agree that it is micromanaging, but they should
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provide and be able to do an incident report in case there is an incident. they are pretty standard among security companies, and should be part of the security plan. >> do you agree to that? ok. >> as far as making that available to the public, i am not sure what the legality is. >> they will share with the police department. >> we would simply require that they maintain an incident report. 14, a weekly inspection to ascertain the conditions are the same. that is this committee -- confusing to me as it is to the applicant. >> it came from the fact that the previous owner had alcohol being sold in drinks that were
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carried out. >> we live and learn. i am in favor of leaving condition 14 in. >> the police can go in and inspected the anytime they want. if it is not a problem, they won't go in. if it is a problem, they will be there day and night. they don't need this to go in there and check that plays out. >> to conduct weekly inspection of the property, what does that mean? >> i put a ix yh -- a big x through number 14. a weekly neighborhood meeting with issues, i am in favor of that? >> if such meetings exist.
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i would think it would be appropriate to have the police community relations meeting if the police request them to be there. if it has nothing to do with them, why sit around? >> 15 has been changed to be when requested by police. 19, shall keep a copy of the operating standards available during normal business hours. >> if the permit is posted, it is posted for anyone who needs to see it. that is the answer to that one. >> it must be produced upon request by an officer of the
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court. if you don't make it available to the public, you will be in trouble. the business shall pay full cost of -- the full cost of recovery if police respond to calls for service. do we have the city attorney available? >> i don't think we can make that a condition. >> i am not going to take responsibility for that. >> those items that we have discussed, we have public comment? >> before we do public comment, just for this place, it has always been my concern when an operator has no experience in operations. we have seen at before, and i am
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totally advocating that they all take a class. operating a public assembly where you charge admission is not doing high school karaoke. it is not the same thing. it is not even close. if you don't think it is a club, you are wrong. it is. it will be treated as one by the public. if you feel it isn't, you are naive. having feeling the your a brand new operator, you're bringing in a security company, but you have to run the business. are you going to get desperate -- it is concerning to me. in making your decision on this permit, i want you to consider
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that all of the operators have come back to us and couldn't run their business that is a public assembly. >> i agree completely. if you don't abide by the conditions on this permit, we will take it away and you will have wasted your money. you have to take this seriously. >> i recommend that. hopefully it seems like a security company has got a lot of the problems well in hand, but at some point, you might consider hiring a manager that has experience. that will be your business decision based on how long you will stay in business. is there any public testimony?
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>> president newlin, this is my second time here. i'm a third generation small- business owner. my dad and i to martial arts school for 40 years in the same building. i have owned my business successfully, and that is one of my biggest challenges. we spoke about the out reach. there was no scheduled appointment. second, she put a piece of paper in front of me and said, i am going to do this, it is a family establishments. i said i have a family, i would never think to take my family a
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carry of the establishment. i asked her what is her background, and she said that she owned a couple of places and i said, the fact you have zero experience, that is a challenge. i think the history of the police department, not just the status is, but throughout san francisco, they recognize that fact. with just a general karaoke establishment, you cannot stop those types -- it will kill your business. so how are you going to put in a written add, no smoking and no drinking? whether you let them open until 2:00 a.m. it is irrelevant.
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i haven't been cited once for cigarettes. i haven't -- i have had that done numbers of times. people smoke, throw up, and they would urinate in my door ways. i might be the lone voice, but i speak for those that frequent my establishment we have dentistry for use. -- youth. i am a voice of concern. i am deeply challenged and concerned to allow this type of establishment be in our community right next door to me.
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president newlin: i understand your concerns. yes, sir? >> i am here to speak for them. with the past owner, i can understand, i was one of the people that had to deal with that mass and all the problems. it prevented me from taking my family out to dinner. the reason why i am here tonight is because of what she'd offered, and that is a full inspection of replace to turn the place around and she spoke about her business plan. i understand your concern about how people think of karaoke. i think because of her limited
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english , she was not able to communicate clearly. she is not catering to those people that are into drugs, alcohol, and violence. i think what she would like to do is offer soft drinks and sweet drinks, deserts, and i feel that she should have because of her business plan, the opportunity to open the place. she also mentioned she would put cameras in any room. it's my time up? i'm sorry.
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>> i am a paid consultant, but i also live half a block from the venue. i happen to think that the concerns that the gentleman has are very real. however, the prior owner or operator or manager caused havoc. they had no plan, they had no management. i want to do a karaoke business, and i said, i will sit down with you, but you will have to get yourself a solid plan, the
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management, a good demographic, a new approach. there are 37 schools in the district. it was very, very astute with community relations and everything else. there are less privileged nonprofits, karaoke can be a social connector. the journal and that owns a crowded place, he does a phenomenal job with his kids. he also has nighttime activity. in essence, a good owner- operator of a nightclub or a karaoke club -- [chime]
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we have to trust the applicant. [inaudible] >> i have a question for you going over the business plan. do the rooms have doors on them? yes, and do the doors have windows? i'm sorry?
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>> you can see pretty well and there. it would be nice to have something bigger, but you can see inside. >> it takes a minute to orient yourself. you're seeing the door. those are the windows. it would be nice if it was bigger, but you can see it. the doors open. it is not a good picture. >> everything is very glossy. [inaudible]
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>> given the lack of experience and the total problems that emanated from the club in the past, i would like to continue its and come up with a plan to redo the windows and doors so that there will be adequate supervision. >> all of the doors have windows. if there will be physically security in the building, i can't see the applicant --
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>> how do you feel about those? >> if there is security internally doing that job, it should be ok. the problems with this particular venue, it is also gambling. they're saying is not going to happen, but -- >> their security cameras in each room. >> where do you monitor them? is there a monitor for each of the eight rooms? >> we have 12 monitors. >> you have 12 monitors and who monitors them? >> we -- >> who's we? what if you see something illegal going on?
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>> i will call the officer. >> you will call the police officer? >> i can assert -- >> that's correct. >> if staff thinks is adequate -- thinks it is adequate. shelly finnish public comment and have a motion? >> i would like to make a motion to approve it with the conditions from the station as discussed previously >> i would appreciate clarification on hours of operation. >> we agreed to midnight.
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>> the commission is making a motion for midnight. >> we can see how they are doing. >> i will second it. >> same house, same call? >> maybe i will call the roll. [roll call vote] ok. >> good luck toy ou. -- to you. >> i will turn the chair over to commissioner joseph.
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>> we have to adjourn. >> there are no action items left. it is just discussion. >> i have to leave no later than 9:15. we have to -- the remaining items will have to go rather quickly. >> that ok with you? there is nothing to vote on. >> i know that we have i adjourned the meeting. >> that is not my understanding. we are almost there. by the time we talk about, it will be done. next item? police department comment and questions.
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ok. >> good evening, commissioners. real quick, the last couple of weeks have not been too bad. a couple of minor fights broke out. various locations along the broadway corridor, this was caused by security that was ejecting them. the sergeant made a point to say that security is not a problem. i think we just have to deal with problems with people and a couple outside. there were a couple of minor fights and a drunk or rest. as far as police reports, there was an aggravated assault at lot 46. the customer was hit in the face with a bottle, and there was a lady that was rendering a, and
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her purse was taken as she was rendering a. i did notice in the report, the officer was unable to get the victim's statement because he was unconscious due to his level of intoxication. a couple of reports i am seeing is over serving creating a problem, it segues into the next problem. the victim was passing by the entrance where he was approached by the patrons and they got in a fight. he actually stabbed him in the arm with the leg of the a-frame. i would like to see security work more in the front, i don't think we have a call for that.
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another situation at the parlor, it appears intoxication was causing major problems in sight of the venue. they started to fight the staff. when patrons got there, they admitted they were drinking all day. i will talk to the establishment about that. that was my bridged summary. >> awesome. >> if there is a continual
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pattern, you give them fair warning, but if it continues to go on -- >> reports were forwarded for alcohol and beverage control. >> just that? >> any public comment >? >> along with cmac, they held a
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supervisor candidate forum. i think district 6, 8, and 10 pander to the entertainment community. it was great to see them support the community and talk to the entertainment. it was nice to see it. and to help orchestrate that. good job. >> we are